Portfolio Manager

We do everything for you, but you retain control at all times.

Portfolio Manager allows traders and investors to establish an account in their own name or in the name of a chosen entity and have an experienced and dedicated team manage it for them, whilst still retaining full control over each transaction should they wish to do so.


Our overwhelming feedback is that this service has real appeal compared to what has been available in the market to-date.

In essence, we do everything for you while you can choose the level of involvement you wish to have. Your account is visible to you in real time, and you can ask questions on strategy or stock-specific tactics or whatever you require to feel comfortable. We are required to gain your approval (via email or SMS) for each transaction, so you retain control over what is happening in your account.

It must also be noted that trading in the stock market involves risk of losing money. Investors and traders can take numerous steps to mitigate such risks with a clear plan, clear targets and entry prices, and strong support from an experienced trader. Garry utilises multiple strategies to manage risk in your account.

Scope of Coverage

  • Australian and US stocks
  • We may recommend using US options for hedging, income or profit making purposes if the market conditions are appropriate

What my clients say...

"Portfolio Manager was presented to me in 2019 as an opportunity to access the Australian and US stock market. Garry, as part of their team, he is one of those individuals that come into your life that you know straight away that he cares and he is willing to teach; his honesty and values have been essential to build up my confidence and for the achievement of my personal goals, saying this I can witness how his strategies and advice have saved me time and money during this process. Any time that I have questions, the time to answer my enquiries have been promptly provided in an outstanding manner. I can highly recommend the Portfolio Manager service as my own personal portfolio is up 25% within six months, this would be hardly achievable on my own."

Clinton H
Melbourne, 26/1/20

"We have been with Portfolio Manager since 2019 and have been impressed by how well the stocks selected by Garry have performed. We like the way Garry undertakes extensive research into each stock before providing a detailed analysis of why he considers we should include certain stocks in the portfolio. Garry has committed to finding solid stocks with strong earnings and revenue growth potential that he believes have a greater chance of withstanding any possible volatility in the months and years ahead which is comforting to know considering the uncertain times in which we live. He’s a straight shooter who tells it how it is without the ego of so many fund managers and so we feel very confident that Garry’s dedication, passion, honesty and hard work will continue to deliver outstanding results for our investments in Portfolio Manager."

Elizabeth S
Sydney, 3/2/20

How does it work?

  • Your account is established with Interactive Brokers
  • You join a subscription service run by Garry Davis. This provides general advice recommendations for you to consider. The rationale for each stock selection is provided in advance
  • You sign off on each transaction via a simple exchange of emails or SMS. On most occasions 1 to 2 days of notice of a trade will be provided
  • You may request transactions of your choice also

Your account

  • Visible to you in real time at all times
  • Reporting is highly detailed covering every aspect of each transaction
  • $100,000 minimum for Australian and US shares

If you want to know more...

Garry Davis (AR No:317590) is an authorised representative of Primary Securities Ltd (AFSL No. 224107). The information presented is general information only. Any advice is general advice only. Neither your personal objectives, financial situation or needs have been taken into consideration.


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