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"It is clear that Garry genuinely wants others to succeed."

Stuart M
NSW 20/1/22

"Portfolio Analyst is a real education. I can't recommend it enough."

Charles V
Melbourne 6/10/17

"With his help and advice, I've completely changed my approach to investing and seen dramatic improvements in returns, and much better consistency."

Zace K
Google 16/1/22

"I had been following you on YouTube for several years before I decided to join Portfolio Analyst, I only wish I had joined much sooner."

George T
Sydney 21/7/20

"Garry's advice has been critical in allowing me to have peace of mind in my investing."

James W
NSW 24/9/19


Whilst Portfolio Analyst was specifically designed as an education focused service, it is also suitable for those looking to get introduced to a range of new stock opportunities, along with strategic approaches to the market extracted from Garry's near four decades in the market.

The weekly video also allows you the ability to ask questions about any stocks, strategies or ideas that Garry will personally spend hours doing his due diligience, fundamental research and technical analysis to provide you with his perspective on its merits and where a possible entry could be considered. This is general advice only, your personal circumstances will not be taken into consideration.



It must also be noted that trading in the stock market involves risk of losing money. Investors and traders can take numerous steps to mitigate such risks with a clear plan, clear targets and entry prices, and strong support from an experienced trader.

This approach underpins everything we do and is where we advise EVERY member to start, and you have access to Garry to support you in creating a trading plan that suits YOUR risk profile, timeframe, capital allocation etc.

Weekly Stock Analysis Videos

Stock market mentor and fund manager, Garry Davis, produces a new video (roughly 1 hour in length) each Wednesday. You have the opportunity to submit questions on strategy, tactics or specific stocks you would like analysed.

If Garry does not see a stock as a worthy investment, you will be given a detailed analysis on why. The show is suitable irrespective of your experience because avoiding likely losing investments is just as vital as picking winners, in fact more so.

The service covers Australian & US stocks, indices and commodities.

Garry's Best Recommendations

Each week Garry will put forward some of the best buy recommendations he can find, with detailed fundamental and technical analysis.

These stocks will be reviewed from time to time to assist you in taking profit and/or selling at the right time given your own circumstances.

Garry is completely independent, so he has no vested interest in any stocks recommended.

Up to date, relevant training

There is a mountain of information out there, and it can be really hard to sift through to find simple, practical education you can use.

Aside from fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, the weekly videos include a range of training segments covering all aspects of the stock market.

Things are changing all the time and it's critical that you learn through the lens of what is happening right now, and the training is always targeted at current market conditions.


Monthly Taking Stock video review

Garry will guide you through his decision making process on relevant portfolio stocks over the previous month in a comprehensive technical analysis video.

This will help keep your perspectives sharp and allow valuable learning to feed into more effective future decisions. It will be a constant process of self-improvement and your plan is likely to evolve over time.

Premium Market Commentary

Every trading or investing decision must be made within the context of not only global stocks, but also bond, commodity and currency markets, they are all critical and inter-linked.

Garry spends many hours every day evaluating the big picture and the early warning signs that markets or stocks are about to change direction. This essential analysis will help you minimise nasty surprises and position yourself to grab the inevitable opportunities.

Searchable Video Library

Every video is housed in a private members area for review anytime, on any device. The videos are indexed so you can skip through to specific stocks you've submitted if you're short on time.

You can also search for any stocks or training segments previously covered and review the analysis and recommendations associated for each.

There's over 250 hours of content in our archives, dating back to 2017.

BONUS: In depth Training Course*

When I started putting this course together my objective was to not only give you the best and most relevant information to make money, but even more importantly it was to help you change the way you think about the market.

If you've seen the 5 video mini course, then you can imagine how much value I've packed in to the full training.

*Received after your first monthly payment of $99

2 week trial just $1

Ongoing monthly subscription of $99 if you wish to continue.

There is no lock in contract, if you decide it's not for you then we part in good faith. I really expect you to be blown away by the value I'm packing into this service that to the best of my knowledge isn't available anywhere in Australia.


What my clients say...

"I have learnt more in 1 month of portfolio analyst than in the last 12 months in other programs. Garry has a way of explaining things that I have really connected with. He breaks down complex topics and turns it into information I can understand and use in the markets. Before this program, I really struggled with decision making and constantly second guessed myself around specifics stocks....now, I'm much more confident and profitable. Portfolio Analyst is a real education. I can't recommend it enough."

Charles V
Melbourne 6/10/17

"I have enjoyed your free weekly market update videos for about 6 months and leant much about the market. As an experienced trader and now investor & having read over 40 investment, trading & books economic, I didn’t think I needed to join your Portfolio Analyst sessions. When I finally did join, I kicked myself for not joining earlier. I love the way you explain what the large funds are doing by analysing price action and volume. You don’t get this from books. In addition, I really appreciate your review of stocks selected by participants and yourself as finding stocks with potential is time consuming. Thank you very much for your service."

Peter D
Perth 30/11/17

"The consistency of my trading results have had marked improvements since being part of the portfolio analyst service. Garry’s wisdom both in his reading of the market and individual stocks is second to none and the wisdom he imparts in his approach to making trades is the difference that makes the difference. My portfolio has increased 25% in the last few months alone. I cannot speak highly enough of this service and I have been trading for 20 years."

Lianne G
Perth 24/9/19

"Firstly, let me say how helpful your PA briefings are. The educational components are great, and although I’ve only been using the info in earnest over the last 3 or 4 months, I’ve made some good money and I continue to learn."

Mark P
NSW, 5/9/18

Example Stock Analysis - TNE

Garry has developed a top down fundamental and technical analysis method over 35 years in the stock market, and this repeatable process is well demonstrated by the following excerpt from one of our Portfolio Analyst member questions on ASX stock Technology One (TNE).


Note to traders* The publishers of this article/information/promotion wish to disclose that they may hold this stock in their portfolios and that any decision to purchase this stock should be done so after the purchaser has made their own inquires as to the validity of any information in this article/information/promotion...

Portfolio Analyst

  • Garry will cover as many stocks as possible each week, ensuring all members are getting maximum value from the service
  • Submit your questions before 12pm each Tuesday, and the video will be available Wednesday (you will receive an email as soon as it's ready)
  • We guarantee videos will be produced at least 48 weeks of the year
  • We may use short training segments from the weekly videos for promotional purposes from time to time

Still have Questions?

If you would like to know more about how the service operates or just want to get to know me a little better before you join, I'd love to hear from you.

Garry Davis (AR No:317590) is an authorised representative of Primary Securities Ltd (AFSL No. 224107). The information presented is general information only. Any advice is general advice only. Neither your personal objectives, financial situation or needs have been taken into consideration.


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