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"Garry provides a voice of reason and clarity in a world that is full of noise."

Christina C
Perth, 18/1/22

"The insiders club is my best investment yet."

Ben S
QLD 24/9/19

"You are helping me to think better and make better decisions."

Michael O
QLD, 6/8/23

"Thank you for teaching me how to fish. A skill I will have for life."

Peter T
NSW, 13/11/22

"If you follow his guidance you are in the right path to achieve amazing results in the Stock Market."

Clinton H
VIC 26/1/22

"Investing alone, I doubt myself constantly and Garry's content calms me down and gives me perspective."

Glenn M
Victoria 17/3/18

"Any investor, large our small, will benefit from the very timely information and advice that is provided by Garry."

Michael F
Perth 26/9/19

Our service is designed as a complete service and one where jointly we can achieve far better results than you would by other means.

Providing just recommendations mostly results in sub-standard outcomes because people just grab them ad hoc without a plan. Execution suffers because of a lack of confidence.

It must also be noted that trading in the stock market involves risk of losing money. Investors and traders can take numerous steps to mitigate such risks with a clear plan, clear targets and entry prices, and strong support from an experienced trader.

This approach underpins everything we do and is where we advise EVERY member to start, and you have access to Garry to support you in creating a trading plan that suits YOUR risk profile, timeframe, capital allocation etc.

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We Cater for Every Style & Experience Level

The Insiders Club operates around 3 separate portfolios, with the common theme being they are all stocks in megatrend areas with tailwinds likely to last for the next decade. You can choose to use any number of these when desigining YOUR trading plan.

Core Positions

Garry's highest conviction stocks that he (and the portfolios) will hold a position in for a timeframe of at least 2-3 years. These all pass a rigorous fundamental analysis process from sector level down to project management, and we aim to enter when the risks are relatively low and the upside is far larger.


Where a lot of the activity occurs with trades taken on any potential stock where risk is limited and defined relative to the possible upside. These could also be trades taken on stocks that are in the Core Positions or Early Stage Stocks categories. All trades will have been assessed as fundamentally sound and offering significant upside over time.

Early Stage Stocks

In any megatrend, be it mining, technology or healthcare, there are opportunities in early-stage stocks that have the “X” factor. History shows that during the development stages, very large price increases occur with many of these stocks. This is definitely high volatility and therefore not for everyone. It can also be high risk without a clear plan. The approach we take greatly reduces those risks.

Membership to the Insiders Club is $220 inc GST per month, and there is no lock-in contract if you decide it’s not for you. When you join you get immediate access to everything we have to offer.

One can have the best strategy and recommendations but the weak link in the process is the execution step. Can you reliably shut out the media noise and make consistent well-planned decisions? This is the aspect which is afforded the most focus for us – providing a sounding board where you can obtain factual and timely information prior to taking the trade.  We help you to gain clarity around your objectives and to develop a trading plan that is right for you, and then support you every step of the way by email with a 24 hour response guarantee (but in reality it's usually within a few hours).

Initial Setup Phase

The first step is understanding all the resources at your disposal and how to best utilise them. The second step is building a trading plan to suit your objectives and lifestyle.

Garry presents the choices and the right questions to be asking so that you can make more informed decisions. This is the essential first stage in building confidence in what you are doing.

Recommendations & market analysis

Written Alerts are issued after market close Monday - Thursday & on Saturday, and provide you with detailed and precise trading opportunities with specific entry & exit prices defined, along with strategy and market outlook.

The support is always there to help you with executing the plan you devise for yourself, with the idea being that the thinking has already been done, so emotion is kept out of it and you can execute consistently to a well thought out plan.

There is a model portfolio of all recommended stocks in the 3 buckets of Core positions, Trades or Early Stage stocks.

Market Alerts Videos

Video Alerts are issued when vital buying and selling information is to be conveyed. This may be intraday or end-of-day and usually will be several times a week as appropriate. Members have commented how much benefit they have gained from the visual explanation and guidance.

We have designed the service so that you can devote just a few minutes a day, or significantly more if you want added detail and learning. It is up to you according to your circumstances on the day. Either way you will be receiving exactly what you need.


Monthly Taking Stock video review

Garry will guide you through his decision making process on relevant portfolio stocks over the previous month in a comprehensive technical analysis video.

This will help keep your perspectives sharp and allow valuable learning to feed into more effective future decisions. It will be a constant process of self-improvement and your plan is likely to evolve over time.

In depth Training

When you join you get immediate access toĀ Garry'sĀ foundational training course, whereĀ the objective was to not only give you the best and most relevant information to profit in the market, but even more importantly it was to help you change the way you think about the market.

In addition to this course, there areĀ loads more featured training modules we've created to assist with bothĀ Garry's philosophy towards investing, but also all the specific trading and investing styles recommended in the service.

Ongoing support

You have direct access to Garry by email, as we firmly believe that the ONLY way to succeed in the market is to be guided and mentored by someone who has traded through all market conditions.

To the best of our knowledge, you can’t find this level of access anyone else in Australia.

Weekly video updates

Garry produces a video of around 20-30 minutes each weekend which reviews the week in global economics, stock markets and commodities.

As well as setting the overall strategy dictated by market conditions, there is an educational component on both technical and fundamental analysis.

It is a more detailed visual appraisal of the current market than is provided in the regular Market Updates, and while it is publicly available on YouTube for marketing, it is an essential part of the membership.


$220 inc GST per month

Your membership is purely on a month by month basis, with no lock in contract.

Please contact me for more details at [email protected]

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What my clients say...

"The big benefit for me from your services is Confidence. Investing alone, I doubt myself constantly and Garry's content calms me down and gives me perspective. Currently, I have a package from you that gives me the big picture (Sunday video), education (Portfolio Analyst) and examples of specific implementation (Insiders club). Also, I feel very comfortable with your and Garry's integrity."

Glenn M
Victoria 17/3/18

"Your service is great. I am having to do much less hunting/ research myself which is what I am paying for... and I have done well out of stocks that I wouldnā€™t have been able to find myself."

Louisa H
Alligator Creek 3/2/23

"Please disregard the email I sent yesterday regarding AZS, after watching last nights alerts video you made it perfectly clear that I am thinking completely wrong. This is why being part of the insiders club is beneficial because you are helping me to think better and make better decisions. Thanks again Garry."

Michael O
QLD, 6/8/23

" Been signed up for around a year now and very happy with the experience. Garry is always quick to respond to queries and willing to tailor his education sessions so that they are relatable. This service is a cheap investment in your own success when you consider previous losses in the market. Thanks Garry"

Bobby E
Perth 17/1/22

"Garry Davis has provided a thorough and informative introduction to share trading, backed up with in depth analysis combined with practical and common sense reasoning. Focus is on the education of the members and meeting their specific individual investing requirements. There is significant attention to the physiology of trading, both with what motivates us personally to make trades and our reactions to the market situations, also to what also motivates others in the market place."

Chris D
Perth 12/11/13

"I have nothing but positive feedback for your service. It was informative and comprehensive, and through your advice I have seen a return of greater than 20% over the short time period since starting your subscription."

Alexander K
Brisbane, 12/4/16

"The insiders club has allowed me to turn solid profits as well as analyse positions and markets that have great potential. This has helped me in my own trading to develop and better execute in the market."

Corey S
WA 24/9/19

Example Stock Analysis - TNE

Garry has developed a top down fundamental and technical analysis method over 35 years in the stock market, and this repeatable process is well demonstrated by the following excerpt from one of our Portfolio Analyst member questions on ASX stock Technology One (TNE).


Note to traders* The publishers of this article/information/promotion wish to disclose that they may hold this stock in their portfolios and that any decision to purchase this stock should be done so after the purchaser has made their own inquires as to the validity of any information in this article/information/promotion...

Still have Questions?

If you would like to know more about how the service operates or just want to get to know me a little better before you join, I'd love to hear from you.

Garry Davis (AR No:317590) is an authorised representative of Primary Securities Ltd (AFSL No. 224107). The information presented is general information only. Any advice is general advice only. Neither your personal objectives, financial situation or needs have been taken into consideration.


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